Kings of the NBA - Josh Smith Is Not A Good Fit In Detroit

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  1. james spearman says:

    I wouldn’t go as far as saying he’s the savior for detroit. However, there are benefits with having him. True, the nba is more small ball now. However, teams like indiana and san Antonio proved tht size still matters. Jsmoove shoots 30 percent frm the field: the result is dnt let him shoot the three. They may not be able to coexist as a three, but it can be done

    • Taylor Jones says:

      The problem is, he doesn’t shoot well from deep but he likes to shoot from deep. Size does matter, but on San Antonio and Indiana they meshed better together and had better shooters than the Pistons do. Paul George was in the 3 point contest and we saw how good danny green and Gary Neal are in the Finals.

  2. Ian says:

    I think if you’re only considering how he fits this year then you’re right; he’s a bad fit. I think you’re off-base saying Smith can’t play Small Forward because he can’t stay with quicker Small Forwards when he was statistically the best perimeter defender in basketball last season. He’s exceptional on defense guarding 3s and 4s. Smith’s real issue is he can’t play offense beyond 18 feet, making him a bad offensive Small Forward.

    However, I think this move was made with the future in mind. In my opinion, Joe Dumars made this move because he thought he would get Rondo. Maybe not now. Maybe it’s a year from now. Maybe it’s at the deadline. In my opinion, though, Dumars expects to move Monroe (Who has stated his hesitations to resign with Detroit) for Rondo at some point, making Josh Smith’s long-term fit as a Power Forward with Andre Drummond at Center.

    You can’t look at how it’ll work next year… You’ve got to look ahead. This wasn’t a win-now move.

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